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Visiting Dinner On The Lake feels like vacation in your home country, where enjoying life at its fullest is the most important thing.
But the unique setting in the middle of the water might raise some questions:
What do I wear? What can I expect? Can I bring my dog?
In order to answer your questions, we have prepared a list with FAQ.

Most of your questions will be answered when reading this list. If you have a less frequently asked question, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help you!

What measures are you taking to combat coronavirus?

Once the security council decides hospitality venues may be reopened, we will of course be applying any additional obligatory measures.

We are already implementing the following preventative measures:

  • Face masks must be worn at all times, except when sitting at your own table. Face masks will be available at the reception area.
  • The crew will wear face masks as mandated by the government.
  • Sanitising gel will be available at our locations and everything will always be cleaned and disinfected after every shift.
  • The construction of our rafts will be as open as possible in order to guarantee good ventilation. This means you should take care to dress according to the weather conditions.
  • Posters will actively remind guests to wash their hands, maintain good coughing and sneezing hygiene, and respect social distancing and all other regulations.
  • The capacity of The Floating Table (in terms of table arrangements and reservations) will be adapted to the rules regarding social distancing and the creation of bubbles. If a sitting is fully booked, the website will clearly indicate this. Should you have any questions about bubbles or table arrangements, you can always email us at
  • All gift vouchers purchased in 2019 will remain valid up to and including 2021. Gift vouchers purchased in 2020 will also be valid for 2 years. Note: anyone wishing to redeem a gift voucher from 2019 will need to email us, as we have changed our booking system and your code will therefore no longer work automatically.

How can I make a reservation online?

You can make a reservation via our reservation module.
You make a reservation and pay the advance, and shortly after that you will receive a reservation confirmation. All reservations are nominative. Only payments by card will be accepted.

Where can I find the available data?

The calendar in the reservation module indicates the availability, and if a spot opens up it will immediately be available. If some guests cancel their reservation, spots might open up last minute.

What is included in the all-in price?


An evening at Dinner On The Lake costs €150 per person. This includes access to the raft, an aperitif and appetizers, a three-course dinner with water, wine, coffee and tea. We provide homemade juices and other beverages for our clients who don’t drink alcohol. Digestives or alcoholic beverages after dessert are not included in this price, and will have to be paid for when the evening is over.


Lunch at Dinner On The Lake costs €89 per person. This includes access to the raft, fingerfood, appetizers, 5 meals to share (per group), dessert, coffee, tea, water and wine. We provide homemade juices and other beverages for our clients who don’t drink alcohol. Digestives or alcoholic beverages after dessert are not included in this price, and will have to be paid for when the evening is over.

Can I cancel?

You can cancel or change your reservation 14 days before the date of the reservation without any costs. After that, your reservation is final and can no longer be changed or cancelled.

It will also no longer be possible to get a refund. Your reservation is not personal, so you can give the reservation to someone else. In order to do so, you only have to send them the confirmation e-mail.

Can I make a reservation for someone else?

You cannot make a reservation for someone else, but you could always buy an eGift Card with an amount of your choice. The person concerned can then exchange this voucher and choose a date of their choice in the reservation system.

Why do we have to pay in advance?

Dinner On The Lake is a pop-up concept with limited places. Given that the number of places is limited and that we have a high demand, we cannot recover the potential no-show from clients.

What is the 3% administration fee for?

When paying for your reservation, an administration fee of 3% is charged, which is necessary to cover the transaction costs of a secure online payment.

Can I get an invoice?

If you wish to receive an invoice, you can get one on the evening itself when paying the remaining amount. Attention! Payments can only be made by card.

Where can I find the menu?

The element of surprise is a big part of the Dinner On The Lake experience, that’s why we choose not to share our menu beforehand. We always work with fresh ingredients in order to meet all expectations. We also work with an all-inclusive formula that includes food and drinks. The lunch concept of course differs from the evening concept.

Given that we work with an element of surprise, we emphasize that it is extremely important to let us know in advance if you have any allergies or allergens.

What about allergies and allergens?

It is important that you let us know at least 48 hours in advance if you have any allergies or allergens. However, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to meet all requirements, but the customer’s wishes will of course be taken into account as far as possible with certain types of allergies or allergens.

Is the menu suitable for pregnant women?

The Dinner On The Lake menu changes and will always be a surprise. That is why it is, just like with allergies and allergens, important to let us at least 48 hours in advance know if you are pregnant so that we can keep this in mind.

Is there a children's menu?

No, we do not provide a children’s menu. The restaurant and the menu are not suitable for young children. Teenagers and big eaters are of course more than welcome.

What is the difference between The Floating Table and The Floating Table On Tour?

In terms of content, there is no difference between our two Dinner On The Lake concepts. You will be treated to a culinary pampering whilst enjoying an unforgettable experience in the middle of the water. This year, The Floating Table will be sited at De Vijvers in Averbode, whilst The Floating Table On Tour will be taking in two locations: Bruges and Willebroek.

What if I arrive too late?

The event starts at the hour mentioned on your ticket. If you arrive too late, we cannot guarantee that you can still enjoy a full menu, but you can enjoy the rest of the meals we serve.

How long will lunch or dinner take?


Dinner starts at 7 p.m. and ends between 11 p.m. and 12 a.m.


Lunch starts at 12 p.m. and ends between 14 and 15 p.m.

What if the weather is bad?

Most weather conditions such as rain, cold and wind are no problem. However, if the predicted weather could cause dangerous situations, we won’t take any risks and we will not open the restaurant. In this case, we will contact you ourselves and we will look for a suitable solution. Know that Dinner On The Lake is an outside event, so take the weather conditions into account when choosing your outfit.

Can I rent Dinner On The Lake for a private event?

Yes, this is perfectly possible, during both winter and summer. For more information, we suggest you take a look at our web page Event On Demand.


All locations will provide sufficient parking space, which will be clearly indicated when entering the site.

Can I go for a swim?

It is prohibited to swim at all times.

Can I bring my dog?

Dogs are not allowed at Dinner On The Lake, even if they are on a leash or in a pet carrier.

Can I smoke at Dinner On The Lake?

It is not allowed to smoke on the raft of Dinner On The Lake. However, on land there will be several smoking zones provided, so respect nature and only leave cigarette ends at the designated areas.

Do I have to bring sunscreen or insect repellent?

Sunscreen is recommended according to the safety norms. Insect repellent is not necessary but can always be brought just in case.

What do I wear?

Dinner On The Lake is an outdoor concept, so it might be windy or cold. Definitely keep this in mind if you have made a reservation in the evening. It is not because it is still warm at 7 p.m. that it won’t be cold at 10 p.m. So be prepared. We also wouldn’t recommend wearing high heels.

Can I visit Dinner On The Lake in a wheelchair?

Dinner On The Lake is unfortunately not wheelchair-friendly. You can only access the boat by stairs. The environment itself is not even and we try to leave nature untouched. However, we are more than willing to help where possible, so please contact us via

Is there a toilet on board?

There is no toilet available on the raft. The toilets are on land and not on board. They are accessible at all times via the water shuttle service or via the walkway.

House rules

  • We get the temptation, but it is strictly prohibited to visit the raft or any other infrastructure of Dinner On The Lake on your own initiative.
  • Smoking is only permitted in the designated smoking areas.
  • We take care of nature, so don’t leave any garbage on our locations.
  • The neighborhood residents appreciate their privacy.
  • Swimming is strictly prohibited.
  • Although we are all dog lovers, furry friends are not welcome on board. Not on a leash nor in a pet carrier.
  • We like to throw a party at Dinner On The Lake, but amplified music is not permitted on our locations as we respect the safety measures and we don’t want to interrupt the night’s rest of our neighborhood residents.

What is the price for an overnight stay?

The price per tent is 195 euros incl. VAT. This works out at 97.50 euros per person.

What are the check-in and check-out times?

You can check in to Glamping At The Lake from 4 pm onwards and must check out by 11 am.

Is breakfast included?

Yes, breakfast is included. As well as breakfast, the following are also included:

  • A stylishly decorated glamping tent (Sibly 600 Twin) with double bed
  • Bellboy service for your luggage at check-in & check-out
  • Waterside pitch with a view over a green oasis
  • Delicious Colette breakfast in the morning for 2 people
  • Nespresso machine and water
  • Lighting and electrical sockets in your tent
  • Use of showers and toilets.
  • Bed linen, bathrobes and towels are provided
  • Access to the on-site running and mountain bike trails
  • Service team on site 24/7

What if the weather is bad?

Our tipis are resistant to bad weather conditions. We will only cancel your reservation if a storm is coming.

Can I change the date of my reservation?

You can change the date of your stay free of charge up to 14 days in advance.

Is electricity provided?

Yes, electricity is provided. Every glamping tent is equipped with electrical sockets.

Can I take a shower at Dinner On The Lake?

Yes, a shower cabin will be provided.

Are bed linen included?

Yes, you don’t have to bring bed linen, these are included.

Are towels included?

Yes, bathrobes and towels are provided in every glamping tent.

Can I book for several nights?

No. You can only book for one night on the evening of your dinner experience at The Floating Table in Averbode.

Can I book an overnight stay without dinner?

No. Overnight stays may only be booked in combination with dinner at The Floating Table in Averbode.

Will there be vegetarian and vegan alternatives?

Our menu consists of 3 options: meat, fish or a vegetarian alternative.
Unfortunately, our menu does not allow us to offer a vegan alternative.

Be sure to let us know in advance which menu you choose.
(If you mention you don’t eat meat, we assume that you do eat fish and poultry)
(If you mention you don’t eat fish, we assume that you do eat shellfish)