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Dinner On The Lake is – what’s in a name – a concept where we offer you an unforgettable culinary experience in the middle of the water. This year we are docking in Ostend, Dilbeek, Bornem and Kinrooi. A gastronomic indulgence in which we visit several hidden places and in which we enjoy life at its fullest. Expect a memorable night on the water in a unique setting surrounded by friends and family.

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We know the most beautiful lakes in West Flanders, Limburg, Antwerp and Flemish Brabant. This year our raft moors in Ostend, Kinrooi, Bornem and Dilbeek! Discover these hidden pearls now.

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  • Flemish Brabant


  • Maria-Hendrika Parc | Groendreef 12, 8400 Oostende

    This beautiful park is located in the heart of the city, and covers a whopping 57 soccer fields of greenery. Austrians invariably call this park 't Bosje, and indeed it feels a bit like an adventurous forest here. And there is plenty of water for a dinner on the water: in this park you will find not only the Queen's Pond, but also the rabbit pond and the mirror lake.

    June, July, August, September only. Places are limited. Make your reservations quickly!

    June until September

  • Domain Breeven | Barelstraat 111, 2880 Bornem

    The Domain Breeven is a park of no less than 65 hectares, with walking paths, lawns, sitting areas, a gigantic playground, and of course a large pond. At the pond you can spot many water birds. So be sure to take your time to take a stroll through this beautiful area before sitting down at your floating table.

    Limited places. Only in April, May and June. Make your reservations in time!

    April until June

  • | Dalerweg 1, 3640 Kinrooi

    De Spaanjerd is one of the most modern and best-equipped marinas in Europe. Here on the Kinrooise Maasplassen you get an instant vacation feeling. Delicious dining on the water guaranteed, including that beautiful sunset.

    Only in April and May. Places are limited. So don't wait to book if you want to be sure of your place.

    April until May

  • Castle of Nieuwermolen | Bruggeveldstraat 28-30, 1700 Dilbeek

    The castle of Nieuwermolen is a castle like in the fairy tales: L-shaped, with moats all around. Behind the castle is a large, idyllic pond: the dream setting for Dinner On The Lake! From here you can look out, like a true lord of the castle, over the wooded area surrounding it.

    Only in July, August and September. Don't miss out and book your spot!

    July until September

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