COVID-19 | Dinner On The Lake


Important information about COVID-19

Dinner On The Lake is back! The Security Council has decided that restaurants can open their doors again, and we are very happy to welcome you!

This is how we will handle our reopening in order to assure the safety of all of our guests:

  • The crew will be wearing masks as imposed by the government.
  • Disinfection gel will be available at our locations and everything will be completely disinfected after every shift.
  • The site will remain as open as possible to guarantee ventilation, which means that you will have to dress warm and be prepared for the weather.
  • The capacity of The Floating Table will be reduced from 24 to 16 people in order to comply with the legislation concerning COVID-19. BUT: if there are no tables available on the website and you would like to make a reservation with a group of more than 4 people, you can send an e-mail at Chances are that we will be able to make room as we can put 10 people from the same bubble at one table.
  • All gift cards bought in 2019 and 2020 will remain valid until 2021. Important: if you would like to exchange a gift card of 2019, please send us an e-mail as we have adjusted our reservation system and the codes will no longer work automatically.